Public Professional Information Services (VPOIS)

Dear clients interested in medical products of Rougier Ltd., thank you for your interest in receiving information about our medications.

On this page you will find information in the form of an information leaflets for direct users, i.e. the general public. Data on informational leaflets are not instructions to prevent or treat any disease, but only general information about our medications.

List of medications and informational leaflets:

More detailed information about individual medications (for those especially in healthcare - doctors and pharmacists), can be found in the Summary of Product Characteristics on the website of SIDC (SÚKL), or even including fees on the Ministry of Health website.

For questions or comments regarding our medicinal products use the following contact:

Ph.: +420 733 182 101
E-mail: rougier@rougier.cz

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Pharmacovigilance - side effects report

System of services to ensure the safety of medicinal products and medical devices.

Nonstop service to receive reports of side effects on drugs or medical devices:

Ph.: +420 733 182 101
E-mail: rougier@rougier.cz

Information for blind and people with partial sight impairment

According to § 37 paragraph 3 of the law, Rougier ltd. in collaboration with the Blind and Visually Impaired - United Organization of the Blind and Visually Impaired CR (SONS) ensures access of medicinal products information leaflets in formats accessible to the blind and visually impaired people through:

  • Web portal www.pribaloveletaky.cz
  • Toll-free call center (hereinafter TYFLOLINKY), according to the specific request of a blind or partially sight impaired caller of TYFLOLINKY by one of the following ways:
    • By the audio recording of the loaded speech and recorded telephone
    • By electronic means (e-mail) in digital format TXT (plain text)
    • By providing higher contrast text print according to individual user requirements of TYFLOLINKY, up to a size of 18 points

TYFLOLINKA +420 221 462 562

Disclosure of any informational leaflets by any of the above methods is free of charge.